April 03, 2018

2 Step Easy D.I.Y. Infused Olive Oil

Your guests will love these fruit or herb infused olive oil wedding favors - & making them is a breeze. One day of work that can be done up to a month before your wedding will leave your guests speechless. And they're absolutely perfect for a state park wedding where guests are grilling.

And you can keep your favors within a theme of your wedding with the flavor combination where your imagination is the limit. Two of our favorites are Oregano, Basil, Garlic, & Rosemary and Blood Orange & Cardamom.

Keep reading to learn how, and to find some more awesome flavor combinations you should try.
You'll Need

- Light Olive Oil
- Fresh Whole Spices, Herbs Fruit, &/or Vegetables
- Blender or Food Processor
- Cheesecloth or a Fine Strainer
- A Funnel
- Glass/Acrylic Bottles - Find Glass Bottles w/Corks on Amazon
- Twine
- Crafting Scissors
- Rubber Stamps & Ink

D.I.Y. Spice, Herb, & Fruit Olive Oil Wedding Favors

The easiest way to infuse oils is on the stove.

Heat the oil, herbs, spices, and/or fruits in a medium sauce pan until the oil is lightly bubbling - for around 5 minutes. A good guidelines is to fill 1/4th to 1/3rd of your pan with the herbs, etc., & the rest with olive oil.

Turn the heat off, wait another 5 minutes for the oil to cool, and it's ready to strain into bottles.

Tips, Tricks, & Important Things to Know

Blanch nuts or herbs being used, and make sure that all fruits or vegetables are completely dry.

Rinse, cut, & dry herbs overnight in the sun.

Leaving the herbs in olive oil looks amazing, but it will cloud the oil over time.

The olive oil will remain fresh for 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

And if you're infusing lemon, peppers, garlic - or any other water-heavy vegetable - the oil will only last around a week refrigerated.

Some great blends to consider include; 
Basil, Pine Nuts, & Garlic | Chipotle Peppers, Raspberry, & Lime | Oregano, Basil, Garlic, & Rosemary | Blood Orange & Cardamom | Almond & Cranberry | Walnut, Basil, & Garlic

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  1. At my wedding, all the guests (literally, all) told me how the food surpassed all expectations, since wedding food generally sucks. The brisket at Chicago wedding venues was mind-blowing. My husband also had some custom choices for food that the chef easily made and incorporated.