February 04, 2018

Sunday Spa Day: Copycat Ocean Face & Body Scrub Recipe

Welcome to Sunday Spa Day, where on the first Sunday of every month we're going to be sharing one of our favorite D.I.Y. beauty recipes with our readers.

This month's recipe is a D.I.Y. Copycat of LUSH Ocean Face & Body Scrub, a recipe that both smells & tastes amazing. We love their amazing products, & we are associated with them in no way.

Fucus Vesiculosus is a type of seaweed used or it's ability to stimulate collagen production.

Avocado butter  extremely rich in Oleic Acid, a wonderful moisturizing and regenerating fatty acid, that is naturally found in human sebum (oil), & studies have found that the oil can mobilize and increase collagen in connective tissue.

The vodka tightens pores, & acts as an astringent. And sea salt naturally helps with inflammation

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub D.I.Y. Ingredients/Supplies
1/2 Tbsp Lime Infused Vodka
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 1/2 Cups Fine Sea Salt
Lime & Grapefruit zest
1 Tsp Glycerine
1 Tsp Grapefruit juice
Small Containers

Lime Infused-Vodka Recipe
1 Cup Vodka
5 Key Limes, Sliced Into 1/8ths
Instructions: Place the vodka & lime slices into an air tight container, & place in a cool spot overnight for 24 hours.

Step 1. Get what you need supply wise the day before, & get your lime-infused vodka started.

Step 2. Mix the avocado butter, vodka, coconut oil, glycerine, & grapefruit juice. 

Step 3. Add the salt, & seaweed. 

Step 4. Add the grapefruit and lime zest!

Step 5. Test your scrub, & add 1/2 Tbsp of avocado butter & coconut oil until it's reached your desired texture. 

** Readers are responsible for doing their own research on scientific studies to confirm 

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