November 08, 2017

Easy D.I.Y. Dip Candles: Great Gifts & Wedding Favors

Here at The Sunshine Bride we are all about the easiest D.I.Y. projects, & one of the main reasons we're here is to bring them to you.

In our new post, we're going to teach you how to make easy D.I.Y. dip candles, that are going to give your wedding decor pop and double as gifts or favors for your guests. And trust us, it really is easy. I've made these from age 7, & I've only gotten better.

Keep reading to learn how to amaze your guests, and save some extra money for your honeymoon. Thanks for visiting The Sunshine Bride.

1. Cut the wax into small pieces, so they'll melt quicker. 
2. Heat the water using a medium temperature to bring to a gentle boil, & place the wax into the top of your double broiler. *Never heat wax over 275° F, wax flashes from liquid to flame at 375° F.
3. Stir until the wax has reached a temperature of 160 F/71 C, and it's completely melted. Turn the heat down to low.
4. Add color chips to the melted wax, & any scents you've chosen. Stir well until blended. Make sure the wax is staying at at least 160 F/71 C the entire time. 

7. Cut the wick to your desired length, with a little bit extra to hold. Ex. If you want 2 10' candles, cut around 23 inches of wick. 
8. Double the wick over your finger, and tip the wick in the wax for a few seconds, and lift out. Allow the wax to cool between each dip around a minute or so, & make sure the wet candles don't touch each other.
9. Continue until your candles are the thickness you're looking for, and after a few layers you speed up the cooling process by dipping the candles into cool water after each dip. If your candles become uneven you can roll the warm candle on a smooth surface.
10. Increase the temperature until it reaches 182 F. Dip the pair into the wax one more time for a few seconds. Lift out then let them cool.
11. Using a sharp knife trim the bottoms to remove excess wax and to create a straight edge bottom for you candles, & hang them to dry.
12. Hang your candles to dry. Once they are dried you can cut the wick. Time to enjoy your new creation!
Photo Credit, Top to Bottom & Left to Right: Candle Factory via Wikepedia, 

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