October 17, 2017

Easy Five Step D.I.Y. Pour Candles - Perfect as Gifts & Wedding Favors

If you love super easy D.I.Y. projects, you're going to love our post on making pour candles - perfect as inexpensive, and yet amazing wedding favors.

All you'll need is wick tabs, braided wick rope, 5 pounds of unscented soy wax (because it burns longer than paraffin), fragrance oil, & wax dye.

In only five easy steps you'll be done, & ready to enjoy that your home now smells amazing.

1.) Cut our wick rope a few inches longer than the size you need, & secure the end to the wick tab base. Use the needle nose pliers to pinch the metal tight.

2.) Melt the wax in your double broiler, & make sure to watch the temperature as it rises to 180 degrees, & all the flakes melt.

3.) Remove your double broiler from the heat to add your fragrance & dye. Let the mixture cool to around 125 degrees.

4.) Pour the wax into your containers, let it sit until the top and bottle edges begin to solidify, & then drop in your assembled wick & tab - using a chopstick to both push the tab down to the center, & then to hold the wick in the center above the candle while wrapped around the chopstick as it solidifies.

5.) After you wait a few hours for your candle to solidify, trim the wick down to 1/4', and enjoy.

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