September 04, 2017

Easy 3 Step D.I.Y. Pine-cone Fire Starters: Perfect for Fall & Outdoor Weddings

Give your guests, a practical, and great fall/camping themed wedding favor & make these D.I.Y. pine-cone fire starters.

Before you get started you'll need the following materials; paraffin wax, a double boiler, wire, a drying rack, candle dye, essential/fragrance oils, & salt that will give your fire starters colorful flames (epsom, table, or salt substitute.)

Step 1 is melting wax in your double boiler to between 150 & 175 degrees. Add dye & fragrances now.

Step 2 is hooking a length of wire to the top of a pine-cone, & carefully dipping it into hot wax to & setting it to cool for a few minutes on the rack.

Step 3 is dipping your pine-cone into the wax again, & coat it with salt. Epson salts burn white, table salt burns yellow, & salt substitute burns violet.

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