August 30, 2017

5 Unique Wedding Registry Gifts, Tips/Tricks, & The Best Sites of 2017

When it comes to starting your new life together, gifts from your guests are going to come in super handy.

A lot of us are getting married as adults now - which means the classic wedding registry items are things we probably already have. And while there are a ton of "must have" wedding registry items, most of us really aren't going to use a juicer on a regular basis, & there are lots of unique wedding gifts you & your partner will love that you may not have thought of.

Read more for unique & personal items you can add to your registry, to get some awesome tips & tricks to help you save money & time, and to read about the top 5 wedding registry sites in 2017.

1. Add a cooking class to the registry. You & your partner will garner some important life skills, and get to eat some delicious food along the way.

2. Ask for some gourmet food , both pantry items & fresh, to spice up your new life together. You can request an awesome fresh seafood dinner from Harbour Trading, or a set of flavored vinegar you know you'll use on fresh salads.

3. If you & your partner love fresh flowers ask for a subscription from or BloomsyBox - both well reviewed companies that start at $40 a month for delivery of beautiful bouquets.

4. Indulge your interest in the outdoors & get some great items for camping, or your favorite outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, etc.

5. An annual pass to their favorite museum, theme park, or to your local state parks - where of course you'll need a Picnic at Ascot Picnic Backpack w/everything you need including an insulated wine holder & blanket.

5 Vital Wedding Registry Tips & Tricks 

1. Request gifts in several price points to avoid embarrassing guests with a wide range of items, and include a few expensive items for family to splurge on if they want to.

2. Involve your partner, & make sure to pick items you'll both enjoy.

3. Check out the return policy on your registry items, & make sure they offer seamless exchanges & refunds.

4. Register at several stores, & offer guests to purchase items off the registry on & offline so they don't feel restricted, and can get you something heartfelt.

5. Set up your registries early, so guests don't have to rush at the last minute - and so you can include it with the invitations.

The Best Wedding Registry Sites of 2017

HoneyFund - Offers guests a way to fund honeymoon costs like travel & lodging, and also offers the option to merge items from other online wedding registries into one list.

Amazon - Offers 20% for prime members & 10% off for non-prime members for anything left in the registry, as well as the same discounts if *all* of your registry items get purchased. You'll have 180 days to return items that weren't quite what you expected.

Kohls - Offering everything you need to get started in a new home, Kohls has a 15% discount for items left in the registry, & you earn 10% cash back (up to $200 in the form of Kohls cash) for all items purchased.

Target - Once you've signed up you'll get  deals on handwritten thank you cards, tuxedo rentals and flowers, you'll get 15% off anything left in the registry for one month following your wedding, & Target has a 1 year return policy.

JCPenny - If you're looking for something a little more expensive, keep in mind JCPenny offers your guests 20% off an in-store purchase with your announcement on $50 or more. You'll also get 10% off items still on your registry for six months post-"I do."

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