February 14, 2017

5 Pairs of Nature Inspired Earrings Perfect for Bridesmaids Gifts

Getting your bridesmaids beautiful & memorable gifts doesn't need to cost a lot of money, even when you're buying great handmade items like the Sprout Earrings shown to the left.

These sterling silver sprout studs sell for only $27.50 when you're buying over one pair from Etsy seller Talia Sari, and even better they come in the classy cork lined box you see to the right.

And if you've got the money to spend on your garden themed wedding you can also get matching sterling silver sprout rings from the same seller in Israel for $34.00.

The jade stud earrings below on the left are a beautiful, unique, and inexpensive bridesmaid gift at only $22.00 from Etsy seller Bubu Rudy.

The silver squirrel & acorn earrings shown in the left middle are perfect for a wedding in the woods, and even better they retail for only $11.00 from Etsy seller Boutiqable.

The rose copper studs from seller Barron Design Studio sell for $29.00, and if you're looking for sterling silver or gold rose studs you can get them from seller Purple Poem Craft for $26-$30.

And if you're having a wedding near a pond, or you love dragonflies as much as I do, you can get these sterling silver dragonfly stud earrings from seller Olizz Jewelry for $15.99.


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