February 14, 2017

5 Pairs of Nature Inspired Earrings Perfect for Bridesmaids Gifts

Getting your bridesmaids beautiful & memorable gifts doesn't need to cost a lot of money, even when you're buying great handmade items like the Sprout Earrings shown to the left.

These sterling silver sprout studs sell for only $27.50 when you're buying over one pair from Etsy seller Talia Sari, and even better they come in the classy cork lined box you see to the right.

And if you've got the money to spend on your garden themed wedding you can also get matching sterling silver sprout rings from the same seller in Israel for $34.00.

February 10, 2017

Creative Signature Cocktails for Your Summer Wedding: 15 Unique Recipes

Adding a signature drink to your wedding can help bring together a theme, and it's an idea I guarantee your guests will love.

And so here are the 15 unique drink recipes, all perfect for a summer wedding.

1.) The Skinny Coconut Margarita Recipe via the With Salt & Wit Blog

2.) Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco via The Damn Delicious Blog

3.) Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade via Life as a Strawberry

February 04, 2017

Five Little White Dresses from ModCloth.com Under $300 & a $20 Discount

I love ModCloth.com & I love that they offer over 20 simple wedding dress perfect for your special day, and all three-hundred dollars or less.

Even better than that I've teamed up with ModCloth to offer visitors $20 off their first $50 purchase via this link - $20 Off $50 ModCloth.com. Make sure to use this link to get the coupon and to search for the dress you want by name.

Shown to the left is the Graceful Grandeur Maxi Dress retailing for $300.

And in order, top to the bottom and left to right shown below, are; the Exquisite Elegance Lace Dress in White - $175.00, Celebrating Innovation Maxi Dress - $200.00, To Love and Be Lovely Maxi Dress in White - $300.00, & the A Gliding Light Maxi Dress in Ivory - $300.00.

February 02, 2017

100+ Giveaways Perfect for the Bride to Be! Beauty, Style, & More!

I *love* entering giveaways because I get to read about a ton of new, great products while getting a chance to win them. :) Bookmark our site & come back to see this updated at least 2x weekly!

And so both because I love entering giveaways and because I think you will too I've scoured the web to find the best giveaways and sweepstakes ending from now until April for the bride to be!

Please make sure to bookmark our site & check back to see updates on this post. The last update was made 02/10/17.