January 01, 2017

Honeymoon in Warm, Beautiful, Tropical Florida

You can have a beautiful, memorable honeymoon without leaving the country or breaking the bank.

And we think the best place to lounge in the sun is the one closest to the equator - the Florida Keys.

To arrive there you'll probably have to drive on part of the Florida Keys Scenic Highway - a 106 mile stretch of road where you can catch glimpses of dolphins and manatees on your way.

As someone who *loves* fishing Florida is ideal and I imagine my partner would enjoy viewing the wildlife as much as I'd enjoy trying to catch it. Florida is also an ideal place to try to catch some blue crabs.

Beautiful clear warm water lets you snorkel or swim with dolphins, or to relax with the manatees.

And finally, the most awesome attractions, events, and awe-inspiring natural scenery we could find includes: The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum - home to 40-50  polydactyl cats, Dry Tortugas National Park - built on old fort featuring crystal clear waters to snorkel in, Bahia Honda State Park & Beach - a beautiful beach next to a historic bridge with kayak rentals, & The Annual Key Lime Festival - featuring something amazing called the Sip & Stroll with over 20 boozy key lime concoctions.

*Image Credit: Illustrated Map Honeymoon Island, Florida by Danielle Carey, Key Lime Cocktail via KeyLimeFestival.com

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