October 19, 2016

Flowers, Science, & Scent Make a Memorable Wedding Day

The sense of smell is our only sense that runs through the sections of our brain responsible for creating and storing emotions. This means choosing a scent for your wedding can help you and your guests remember how wonderful the day was.

Below we've compiled a list of twelve of the most sought after aromatic flowers you may want to incorporate into your bouquets or arrangements, and we've included some interesting facts you should know about a few of them.

Freesia has a floral, citrus woody aroma. The white flowers smell spicy & the more colorful varieties smells like crushed leaves.

The varieties Blue Heaven, Rose Marie, & Volcano don't have a scent. The yellow variety as it emits an unpleasant compound.

Lilacs have a deep, heavy, sweet aroma that quickly permeates a room.

The Japanese Tree Lilac with it's beautiful white blooms is said to smell like honey. And the Korean Lilac has smaller, denser flowers along with a spicy aroma that's also less sweet than the common Lilac.

Lilies vary greatly in the power of their scent but it's overall very sweet, floral, and all have an undertone that smells like spring. Oriental lilies have the strongest scent, last twice as long, and cost twice as much as their cousins Asiatic Lilies, which are smaller with a less powerful aroma.

There are five different scents used to describe Roses including; fruity (the rose is related to apricots, pears, apples, & strawberries), myrrh (an anise-like scent exclusively found in English roses), musk ( a scent that comes from the flowers stamens), old rose and damask (the classic floral and green rose fragrance found almost exclusively in red & pink roses), and tea rose (a strong scent similar to fresh tea.)

The heirloom varieties of Daffodils (Narcissus) smell like spring, lightly floral and green. Modern varieties have almost no scent.

And other sweetly scented flora include; Lavender, Hyacinth, Lily Of The Valley, Peonies, Stock, Sweet Pea, Violets, & the Tuberose (Polianthes.)

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Image credits; top to bottom, left to right; Woman Smelling Flowers via BridePower.com, Freesia Pink Passion Holl via Schaefer Wholesale Florist, Lilac Corsages via Chelan Bride, & Roses in Pail via MostBeautifulThings.net.
Reference; The Nose, an Emotional Time Machine via The N.Y. Times


  1. Yes! You are right that flowers and candles do make wedding venue look amazing as couple of days back went to my friend’s wedding at one of popular wedding venues where floral decorations were simply astonishing. Flowers fragrance covered the place with its sweet smell and thus made it special for everyone.