November 02, 2016

Seven Honey-Bee Themed D.I.Y. Wedding Ideas & Projects

When I think of summer with all kinds of flowers blooming in Upstate N.Y. I think of the fresh local honey abundantly available at the local farmers markets. I love the idea of using honey and bee themed items in an outdoor wedding.

Idea #1: D.I.Y. Local Honey Jar Wedding Favors
With a little ingenuity and time you can wow your guests with small jars of local honey. You'll need local honey, glass jars, wooden dippers, ribbons, bee or flower charms, and labels.

Important things to know include that the flow of honey doesn't stop on it's own - use a butter knife to cut the flow when the containers are almost full, you do not need to seal or heat treat the jars in any way, and to keep the jars in a dark area so the honey doesn't crystallize. If it does happen to crystallize before the wedding, place the jars in lukewarm water until it becomes runny.

You can use the locator on to find local suppliers & has a great selection of everything else you might need.

Idea #2: Honeycomb Backdrop Display Shelves has the best article on how to create the beautiful honeycomb display shelves shown to the right that includes photographs of each step of the process.

They can be hung or set as backdrop, and everyone will want to take them home after the wedding.

Idea #3: Chocolate Bee/Flower "Wax" Seals on Cupcakes
If you're making cupcakes for your reception I love the idea of using chocolate "wax" seals on top, to give everything a fairy tale look. Visit this great post on Sprinkle Bakes with more on how to create the perfect seal every time.

Idea #4: Crochet Bee Wedding Cake Toppers
You can have them create these awesome bee wedding cake toppers.

Or, if you're like me and you don't happen to know anyone who does crochet, you can check out the Etsy shop of CherryTime and get a set of these customized for your reception.

Idea #5: Bee, Honey &/or Honeycomb Themed Wedding Cake

Keep the theme going and add small bees to your wedding cake or create a honeycomb exterior.

I scoured the internet for a few hours and found some recipes that looked amazing including; Pistachio Cake with Vanilla Butter Honeycream via the 'eats well with others' blog, Fresh Orange, Honey and Ricotta Wedding Cake via, Lavender Honey Wedding Cake via, and the Easiest Ever Chocolate Honey Cake recipe via

Idea #6, D.I.Y. Homemade Honey Based Soaps
Giving soap as a wedding favor allows you to customize it to your theme and it's a useful gift that your guests will love. It's also amazingly easy to make these soaps yourself well ahead of time.

You'll need melt & pour soap base, silicone or metal molds, liquid-measuring cup, paring knife, rubbing alcohol, a bench scraper, toothpicks, a spoon, food coloring, essential oils, vegetable-oil spray or petroleum jelly, & paper towels.

Step 1.) To determine the amount of soap you'll need for your molds fill them with water and then pour into your liquid measuring cup. Microwave your pour & melt soap base in a glass measuring cup/bowl on medium for 30 seconds at a time until melted or you can opt to use a double-broiler.

If you'd like, this is the time to add any food color, stirring with a toothpick, or essential oils.

Step 2.) Coat the soap molds with oil or petroleum jelly and wipe out any excess. Pour the melted soaps into the mold spraying with rubbing alcohol afterwards to eliminate any bubbles. If you're mold is tin you can place it in the freezer for 20 minutes, otherwise let the soap harden by leaving it for 2 hours. Cut of the edges with a paring knife.

Idea #7: D.I.Y. Honeycomb Wax Candles
Honeycomb wax candles are *very* easy to make, inexpensive, and guests will love them as both decor and favors to take home.

To create the candles you'll simply measure your sheet of beeswax (each will create one pillar or two tapered candles), cut, warm the beeswax with a dryer on low for a few seconds until it's pliable, and roll it around the wick.

Make sure to check out all of the D.I.Y. Projects featured on The Sunshine Bride!

Image credits, top to bottom & left to right; Honey Jar Wedding Favors via Cherry Blossoms & Faerie Wings, Honeycomb Shelving via GreenWeddingShoes, Crochet Bee Wedding Cake Toppers via Cherrytime on Etsy, Milk Honey Soap via, Hand Rolled Beeswax Honeycomb Tapers via the Bear Creek Candle Company

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