August 18, 2016

Six Eco-Friendly Favors to Delight Guests & The Planet

Impress your guests and save the trees by giving your guests a tree to plant. Eco-friendly favors are 'usually' a less expensive option and a gift everyone can feel good about. Here are six great wedding favor ideas to make your friends & the planet happy.

1.) A Tree to Plant - For a refined look add in a cardboard box/insert before wrapping or simply wrap your tree seedlings in burlap bags placing them on the tables/in a wicker basket. To create perfect gift tags search for a craft punch, i.e. "oak leaf craft punch."

2.) Food for the Birds - Even if your guests live in an urban area, they'll appreciate having a bit of bird seed around to lay on the windowsill. Another great option is to cut cardboard into a heart shape, apply peanut butter or corn syrup, coat with birdseed, and hang for guests to grab.

3.) A Pick Me Up - Almost everyone loves caffeine. Purchase bulk organic & fair trade tea or coffee and repackage into single servings.

4.) Flower Bulbs to Grow - Even your guests in apartments can get a cheap plastic plant pot to enjoy the flowers easily. Place the bulbs in burlap sacks, cardboard boxes with a little moss to cushion them, or wrap in brightly colored tissue paper with a little note on what plant it is and where/how to plant it. If you have the time & money, you can always start the bulbs ahead of time in pots with soil.

5.) Some Seeds to Sow - Give your guests some herb or local flower seeds in paper seed packs or even better, paper packs embedded w/seeds. You can find a lot of great customized option on Etsy. You can also place some D.I.Y. seeds bombs in small customized burlap gift bags.

6.) A Little Light - Wrap or dip your own D.I.Y. beeswax candles. For D.I.Y. wrap candles get some beeswax sheets and a wick, wrap tightly and label. Making dipped candles is fun & easy, just check out this D.I.Y. tutorial from Becoming Kindred.

7.) Potted Succulents - Even your guests will a black thumb will love these. Replant bulk succulents into small terracotta pots.

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Photo Credit; Top to Bottom, Left to Right; Elizabeth Demos, Savannah, GA via Weddings Unveiled Magazine, Bird Seed Wedding Favors via Wood & Grain on Etsy, Personalized Wedding Favor Seed Bombs via VisualLinqual on Etsy.

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