September 08, 2016

Dance the Night Away w/these Eight Tips for Wearing Heels

Want to wear a set of pumps to your wedding but you don't want to suffer? Take these eight tips to heart, consider wearing a pair under 4", and you'll be fine.

1.) According podiatrist, J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model taping your third and fourth toes together can alleviate pain. Read the full article with quotes from podiatrist, J. Alexander on

2.) Arch supporters & full insoles can distribute weight more easily, making your heels bearable. They can make your shoes tighter though so make sure to take a test walk.

3.) Ball/toe inserts comfort the ball of your foot wear it hurts most when you wear heels. These won't make your shoes tighter & should be worn *every* time you wear heels.

4.) Round, Open, or Square Toed Shoes will keep your toes from being smashed together, making the night on your feet much easier.

5.) Apply moleskin to any blister prone areas, this super-soft adhesive cotton can be applied to the shoes and/or your feet.

6.) Use a friction preventing product like Dr. Scholl’s rub relief, coating your feet in a clear waxy layer that acts as a protective layer against friction.

7.) Anti-Slip Heel Inserts will keep your straps in place and stop blisters from occurring.

8.) Stuff your shoes with socks to create a little more extra space. Pack shoes tightly w/socks & leave over night or hit w/a blow dryer for faster results. (Note: Use with caution. Be sure to move blow dryer around continuously to prevent damage.)

Photo Credit: Chelsey & Lauren's Wedding via Aves Photographic Design.

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