May 01, 2014

Finger Lakes State Park Weddings

If you're lacking a beautiful backyard getting hitched at a state park is a fabulous option and we're going to give you the pro's & con's, real state park weddings & information about different state parks in the finger lakes region.

The pros;

  • Pavilions often include bathrooms, tables & seating for ~$150/day.
  • No catering/alcohol restrictions minus signing a waiver.
  • Having a beautiful state park as the backdrop in your photos.
  • Family/friends from out of state can camp overnight or rent a cabin.

The cons;
  • $7 per vehicle entry fee. 
  • You may not be able to reserve a specific space as your ceremony site, i.e., the waterfalls.
  • Pavilions may need to be booked one year in advance..
  • Being mindful of how loud the music is & where the speakers are pointed.
The most important thing before renting any venue is to ask lots of questions!