May 27, 2012

Who doesn't want to be a Princess on their Wedding Day?

Almost every girl at one point wants to be a Princess for a day, and that day my friends is your wedding day. The set below, mostly consisting of handmade items from Etsy, is one of the most expensive I've ever put together...Looking like royalty doesn't come cheap.

The 'Cinderella Silk Wedding Gown' is made in Italy by the Maison Matthan Gori. The gown features 3 layers of natural fabric, chiffon silk on the outside, silk satin on the inside and a layer of white gabardine to cause a pinkish shimmer and retails for the price of $3,500.

Every Princess needs a Tiara and I've featured a sterling silver art-deco style, handmade with white topaz ,from Castens, a shop specializing in fairy tale jewelry. It's not currently for sale but when it was the cost was around $600 & I'm sure they would do custom work at your request.

To complete the look there's nothing better than simple pearl jewelry. The 'Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Vintage Art Deco Clasp' from Tiffany Tassano Artisan Jewelry retails for $500 & the Pearl Drop Earrings sell on Amazon for around $200.

All together this bridal set would cost around $5,000, however the pearl jewelry & tiara could easily become family heirlooms to be used on multiple occasions.

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