May 21, 2012

Vintage White Wedding: Inexpensive Etsy Inspiration

I've always loved birdcage veils & having a vintage themed wedding is a great reason to wear one! All of the items pictured are from Etsy and handmade.

The 1950's vintage style dress was made in Tacoma, WA by an accomplished seamstress. It features Silk Taffeta and Alençon lace; pairing perfectly with long silk gloves and a Fascinator. The beautiful clutch is made of green Dupioni Silk and can be fully customized including monogramming or a special date.

The jewelry is my favorite piece of this set because it's romantic, beautiful, and extremely inexpensive so you won't panic if you lose an earring in the grass.

Couture 1950's Style Wedding Dress, Custom Size: $645 from Cassandra Couture

Contessa Couture Fascinator w/Detachable Birdcage Veil: $140 from Velvet Owl

Kisslock Frame Clutch Silk Lined with Pink Toile Birds: $60 from Foxbury & Co.

Ivory Coral Rose Stud Earrings: $28 from Simon Designs

White Rose Wedding Necklaces, Set of 5: $70 from Charm Topia

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