May 22, 2012

Need Something Blue? How About your Shoes?

If you're looking for 'the something blue' still, consider your shoes. If you plan on wearing  a long dress you might not see them all the time but you'll certainly be 'covered', and these shoes are unlike anything you can get at your local bridal store.

Featured to the left, are Betsey Johnson Wedge Pumps that will make everyone jealous with the polka dot upper and floral lower prints, retailing for around $100.

If you're looking for something a bit fancier but still love the Betsey Johnson wedges featured above, Paris Hilton might have actually designed a pair of shoes you'll love, the Blue Polka Dot Wedges featured to the right retail for a little under $100.

Both pairs of wedges would be perfect for walking on grass and would look beautiful with multiple outfits following your wedding.

If my ankle worked, I didn't wobble, and I wouldn't be walking on grass I'd definitely consider a pair of classic heels for my wedding day.

The Jardin Sandals by Carlos Santana are unique with the large rose and a beautiful color, retailing for right around $90 a pair.

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