May 24, 2012

Backyard Elegance, Country Chic Wedding & D.I.Y. Inspiration

Backyard elegance is far from contradictory. Your wedding can take place right at home (or at another loving relatives) and be absolutely beautiful. You also have the benefit of a free ceremony and reception site, not to mention the beauty of the outdoors. One of my best friends had hers right in her backyard and the lights she had from strung from the trees were amazing during the reception.

I could not get over how beautiful and inexpensive this Vintage Slip-Dress from Katie Jean Designs is. Not only is it made from entirely recycled materials, you can customize the length and it look's perfect for a warm summer night.

You can purchase both the Mason Jar Chandelier & Vials of Edible Honey Favors on Etsy as well or visit the D.I.Y. articles I found below.

I also found these amazing Custom Favor Gift Tags from Kindred Spirit Crafts and I can't think of anything more perfect for the Edible Honey Favors. For further presentation you can place them in a ceramic or metal bowl with foliage at the center of the table and they double as a beautiful centerpiece.

Simply Divine Invites has an amazing article about creating D.I.Y. Flavored Honey using everything from herbs to fruits. A quick search on Amazon for 'Glass Vials with Cork' and 'Organic Raw Honey' brought up everything else you'd need besides a little help from your friends and expecting to become quite sticky.

I *love* mason jars and there are million ways to use them at your wedding. As shown above, you can create D.I.Y. lanterns. Tater Tots & Jello has an incredible article covering everything from painting the jars to match your wedding colors and even making handles to hang them using items you can find at your local hardware store & the blog Recaptured Charm shows how you to frost them where you can get fancy using stencils if you choose. If you're worried about wind you can add colored glass gems to make them more steady and I suggest L.E.D. candles because you won't need to replace them while they're hanging.

Items in The Set Above: Recycled Bohemian Wedding Dress: $280-$430 from Katie Jean DesignsAntique Lights Mason Jar Chandelier: $125 from Treasure Again12 Vials of Honey Wedding Favors: $51.60 from JCBees

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