May 26, 2012

Beautiful Ceremony & Reception for Less than $5,000, Weddings for Less

According to CNN, the cost of the average Wedding is now around $27,000 and I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks this is ridiculous, if not impossible for most of us. Everyone has the right to get married and everyone should be able to do.

There are plenty of options to save money on your wedding and plenty of reasons to do so. On average the ceremony & reception venues, including catering, is the most expensive part of a wedding. Ceremony venues on average can cost $5,000 or more, so you save save a lot by having the ceremony in your (or a loved one's) backyard or at your local State Park.

An outdoor summer wedding with a 90% chance of good weather can be almost free. If you're worried about the weather, tent rental with side panels with windows & lighting costs around $2,000, including setup and will hold near 300 guests. For smaller weddings of 100 or less I'd suggest a State Park pavilion that rent for less than $200 a night on average often featuring beautiful views, bathrooms, electricity, lighting, and more.

One of the main reasons I'm having cupcakes at my wedding, instead of cake, is because I researched the cost of a professionally catered wedding cake. The average cost is around $2 to $5 a piece, meaning the cost per fifty guests is around $100 to $250.

Most cupcakes can be baked & frozen for up to a month before your wedding and frosted the day/morning before. You can even purchase edible 'Candied Flowers' or 'Icing Flowers' for an easier time decorating. With a saving of around $100 minimum and you'll be able to offer your guests a variety of flavors to please everyone.

You don't need to spend over $1,000 for a beautiful wedding dress and you can purchase it locally or handmade on Etsy for a fair price. The Short Dress Featuring 3D Floral Appliques 'Style ES9895' and featured to the left, sells for only $250 from David's Bridal. You can view all their gowns from the lowest to highest price here.

Might I also suggest my favorite handmade wedding gowns for under $500 on Etsy including the; Josephine Ivory Wedding Dress,  Pride and Prejudice DressIvanka - She's the One Dress"Angelina" Angelic Dress with White Lace BoleroHand-Painted Red Pink Lotus White Skirt Dress, or the Bamboo Champagne Rose Dress.

Save more than $500 & create your own bouquet. We have a great D.I.Y. post on how to make your own hand-wrapped spring flower bouquet, & don't forget to ask your local florist questions too! If they don't help with what flowers might be right, they're not the right person to work with.

Emmaline Bride also has a great post on Alternative Bouquets that will last forever.

The wedding invitations, especially considering postage, are not cheap. If most of your guests are members of the electronic age, why not consider E-Invites? The wedding invitations featured to the left are from & come with matching print invitations of your non-techy guests. The cost varies from $20 for 100 guests or $35 for an unlimited amount. The invitations can be completely customized and you can even get a free trial account with no C.C.

Consider D.I.Y. Favors and you can save a lot of money, especially if you're having a large wedding. When you're having an outdoor ceremony / reception plants or herbs in  can be perfect and double as place cards when you place a Popsicle stick in the planter.

I love the idea of wedding favors being useful at the wedding and I'd consider having 'White Hanging Lanterns' starting at around $6.50 which can double as beautiful decorations and favors. I'll be using Gerber Daisies inside 'Ceramic Pots' as decor & favors.

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