February 13, 2012

D.I,Y. Classic Red Rose Wedding

If you're looking for a more classic style for your wedding, red roses and black tuxedos always work.

The 'Rose' gown by Conscious Elegance on Etsy is gorgeous and retails for less than $1,000. Each handmade dress can be fully customized for your wedding and colors.

The Elegant Red Rose Wedding Invitations are from the A La Mode Bride shop on Etsy, retailing for around $3 each. They have a bold, classic look, perfectly matching both the dress and the Engraved Wedding Champagne Flutes from The Wedding Gallery shop on Etsy, which would make a perfect gift for bride & groom.

The D.I.Y. projects below are amazing, easy to do, and would save you a bit of money which will come in handy because roses, as a wedding flower, are not cheap.
  • D.I.Y. Bouquets: The Basics | J R Roses explains how to easily create a rose bouquet. Read 'this post' on the forums of WeddingBee.com for more information or to ask questions & make sure to make a trial run at being your own florist before the wedding day.
  • D.I.Y.: A Garden Rose Bouquet, Hosted on Project Wedding | An even less expensive option is to use spray roses, the kind you'll commonly find at your local grocery store, to create your bouquet. The results are amazing.
  • D.I.Y. Storybook Paper Roses, Hosted on 100LayerCake.com | Create beautiful vintage style paper roses and use for decor or as a bridal bouquet that will keep forever.
  • D.I.Y. Rose Cake, Hosted on Project Wedding | Even if you're an amateur baker, you can create a beautiful cake covered in roses for your wedding by reading this article.
  • D.I.Y. Paper-Wrapped Votive Candles, Hosted on WellWed | These beautiful candles would would work great as centerpieces & you can customize them by dying the paper or using stamps.
More retail recommendations from the bride to be listed from left to right: Nataya Tulip Dress from Wardrobe Shop $189.00, Red Canvas Platform Espadrille Sandal W/Bow $33.80, Double Red Rose Hair Comb from OllinFloral $35.00, D.I.Y. Rose Printable Invitation (custom colors) from Lindsay Lee Design $35.00.

Bride & Groom & Rose Bouquet Photograph (top left) Credit, The Studio B Photography in Atlanta, GA


  1. Hello Sunshine!

    I was doing an image search to see where my stuff was being put online, and I found this page. That was so incredibly awesome of you to include a mention of my 'Rose' dress and a link to my etsy page. What a lovely surprise!

    I've read a few more of your blogposts and your stuff is great! Very much up my alley. I wish I could write like that. Thanks again for the kind words and a nicely written article - it truly made my day.

    Be well

    Lori (Owner and designer of Conscious Elegance)

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