December 11, 2011

Top 5 Cake Toppers on Etsy

I *love* Etsy, it goes beyond the idea of buying local or U.S.A. & gives you a chance to get to know the sellers. On top of that you will always get something unique, and perfectly catered to your special day.

I've posted my favorite five wedding cake toppers below. Make sure to check out their shops as well for other custom toppers.

The 'Bespoke Wedding Cake Topper' is currently a one of a kind item, handcrafted by Etsy seller NarwhalsLostAtSea & only available in her shop LovelyBertie, located on Etsy & based in Lincoln, England. The topper includes the base and tree, made to match your clothes, hair, eye color, bouquet, veil, theme, etc. and it's perfect for a Fall wedding.

You can purchase it here on Etsy for around $145 plus shipping from the U.K. It's her only item current for sale but she's open to requests.

Annacrafts, an artist based in Seoul, South Korea, started to sculpt with clay over six years ago and now offers a shop under the same name on Etsy.

Her store, Annacrafts, includes over 116 different cake toppers, many whimsical, and you can include your pets or children for a small additional fee.

The cake topper on the right is totally customizable and starts at $170 plus shipping.

SweetiePieCaketopper seems to be one of the most popular wedding item sellers on Etsy because her profile says she can't handle another custom order unless you're having a 2012 wedding and it's no surprise with how cute her customized figurines are. You can literally customize everything.

Her shop, also SweetiePieCaketopper on Etsy, offers all kinds of toppers for every occasion. This topper retails for $200 & is available for purchase Here on Etsy.

This glass Castle Figurine topper is spectacular & would be perfect for a Cinderella themed wedding or reception. It's made by a glass blowing artist with over 35 years of experience, Kevin Prochaska, who was a Disneyland glass blower for 10 of those years.

His shop on Etsy, ProchaskaGallery, features a variety of cake toppers, all made in California. He currently has 34 toppers for sale, all hand-blown glass.

The Castle Topper is available for purchase at his shop for $75 Here on Etsy.

I love the idea of a ceramic cake topper and this is the nicest one I could find on Etsy, made by Orly Pittel, in Tel Aviv, Israel. In this case, you'd either have to have a family already or want one soon.

OrlyDesign, his shop on Etsy, has one-hundred and eleven ceramic bird themed items for sale, many of them perfect as cake toppers.

You can find this topper for sale Here on Etsy for $120.

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