Sunday, April 30, 2017

15 Fruit & Berry Cupcake Recipes - Perfect For Summer Weddings

Peaches & Cream Stuffed Cupcakes
After hours of scouring the web, we're happy to present these fifteen amazing summer fruit & berry cupcake recipes we've found - all perfect for your summer wedding.

1. Peaches & Cream Stuffed Cupcakes via Chocolate Moosey (Featured to the Left)

2. Cherry Limeade Cupcakes via Java Cupcake

3. Strawberry Lime Cupcakes via Sunny Side Up

4. Chocolate Banana Cupcakes via Cookie Dough & Oven Mitt

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ten Unique Sapphire Engagement & Wedding Rings

We *love* sapphires, the birthstone of September, & so we found 10 unique, beautiful sapphire engagement & wedding rings we think you'll love too - all retailing for less than $1,500.

1. 1.2ct White Gold Round Sapphire Solitaire Ring - Ceylon Treasures - $1,000 (Featured to the Left)
2. 4.55mm Leaves Round Sapphire Engagement Ring No.4 - Doron Merav - $950 (Featured to the Right)

3. .85ct Blue Solitaire Round Sapphire Ring w/White Sapphire Side Stones,White or Yellow Gold - Tommaso Design Studio - $400

4. .75ct White Gold Ceylon Blue Bypass Solitaire Round Sapphire Engagement Ring - Rare Earth - ~$1,500

5. .62 Inset Blue Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Ring, Satin Finish, 14K White Gold - Slowack Jewelry - $1,375

6. 1.45ct Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring from the Bloomed Love Collection - Pristine Custom Rings - $490 (Featured to the Left)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

We Love Naked Layer Wedding Cakes! 20 Awesome Recipes & More!

Rosemary Lavender Cake
Naked cakes are both an awesome plan for a D.I.Y. wedding with a bride who hasn't baked much & a healthier option for your guests - plus they're just straight-up gorgeous.

We love how there's no need to deal with fondant or trying to get the icing perfect, & how you can use frosting to hide uneven cake layers if you're a little clumsy like me, so we gathered these 20 awesome naked (or almost naked!) wedding cake recipes for you.

Before you begin you'll want to keep these three tips in mind.

1. Choose a stable type of cake & filling - think ganache or buttercream frosting & sturdy mud, pound, or butter cake.

2. Prepare your cake pans properly, generously greasing & flouring it before adding the batter. Doing so will make your life a lot easier later. :)

3. Create a timeline. Most cakes will stay fresh wrapped in a double layer of plastic wrap in the fridge for about 5 days, and you'll assemble & frost it the day it's served. If you're worried about the exposed parts of your naked cake drying out faster, you can brush the layers with simple syrup.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

10 Awesome Coffee Filter D.I.Y. Projects

We love easy crafting projects because frankly we are not very crafty people. :)

And so we found 10 awesome coffee filter DIY projects perfect for your wedding day.

We're going to start with the project we love the most, these awesome Coffee Filter Roses via La Dolce Villa featured to the left.

You can get beautiful slightly darker edges by dipping the edges of your filters in an additional time, & we recommend lots of experimenting.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Six White Tea Dresses Under $50 Perfect for Summer Weddings

You're going to love these 5 very inexpensive little white dresses we found on Amazon, all w/over 4 stars. And if you keep reading you'll see our awesome recommendations for adding a splash of color to your special day with beautiful, colorful crinoline slips.

From left to right featured below are the beautiful Audrey Hepburn Vintage Swing Dress by Anni Coco featured to the left selling for only $23.99 or less, the Audrey Hepburn Patterned Evening Swing Dress from iLover for $32.99, & the Floral Lace Short Sleeve V Back Cocktail Dress from Anni Coco for $25.99.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

D.I.Y. Your Wedding Cake w/these Delicious Recipes!

As I'm into saving money I love the idea of baking my own wedding cake a week or two ahead of time to freeze it, & then frosting it the day before.

Don't expect the cake, or the frosting job to be perfect, and I recommend you both make a few practice cakes ahead of time, and a few backup layers - just in case.

And you may need or want a few of these tools to make your life easier including; round cake pans, a flour sifter, parchment paper, a stand-up mixer, pan baking spray or butter, piping bag & tips, a leveling tool, an icing spatula, a rotating cake stand, and Wilton magical cake strips that will help your cake bake evenly.

And the best part is testing out what recipe you think you and your wedding part will love the most. We personally find these 12 delicious cake recipes the most intriguing.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

10 Gorgeous Rainbow Wedding & Engagement Rings

Here at The Sunshine Bride we love rainbows, love, & freedom.

And in the spirit of those three wonderful things we've put together a post of awesome rainbow jewelry that you will love.

The beautiful White Gold 3-Row Rainbow Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Ring to the left is from Ellison Jeweler's in the U.K., & retails for £1,350.00
The sapphire & diamond Las Vegas Square Cut Princess Ring from Equalli retails for $3,740 (formerly sold on Etsy, & now on Amazon) and is custom made for each buyer including the option to mount different main gems including two diamond grades, white topaz, & CZ.

You can also get the Las Vegas Round Cut Princess Ring with the same customization options.
And because the whole collection is beautiful you're going to see a few more beautiful rings from Equalli before I move on including the 14k gold 1.84 ct sapphire New York Ring that sells for $1.362. You can also custom order the ring in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Also from Equalli left to right below are the Tel Aviv Ring, the San Francisco Ring, the Miami Ring, & the Portland Ring.

We also love the designer Edward Mirell who's Titanium White Sapphire & Rainbow Anodized 4mm Band is featured below to the left, which also comes in a black finish.
And the pastel colors of the Multi Sapphire Rainbow Pride 9 ct Gemstone White Gold Ring from Caratera Fine Gold Jewelry are subdued & perfect.

Thanks for visiting & check back soon for new great content. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

50 + Blog Giveaway Linky: Perfect for the Bride to Be!

I love giveaways, and so I've gathered the best there is for bride to be including giveaways like the Pons Bed Frame & Mattress Giveaway ending 04/20, the Fire Tablet & $50 Amazon GC Giveaway via Raven Publicity ending 05/02, & the Live Succulent Giveaway via Raise Your Garden ending 04/30.

Read more to win Amazon, Sephora, & Michael Kors gift cards, PayPal cash, luxury bath & beauty products, chocolate, trips to exotic destinations, fashion, jewelry, & more.

And if you're looking to save $ & time now I recommend making your next grocery order on InstaCart. You'll save $10 off your first order of $35, get free shipping, and you won't have to carry anything.

You can also save $20 Off your first Uber ride, $5 Off your first Lyft ride, or get 10 rides free taking the Bridj bus to work & back if you're in the Boston or Kansas City area.

This post was last updated on 4/2/17.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The 10 Best Celestial Themed Wedding Favors & Bridesmaids Gifts

If you're having a wedding reception outdoors in a backyard or a state park where you can see the stars, your guests would love these favors we've scoured the internet to find.

Your guests will love sipping hot cocoa at their campsite from The Big Sipper Mug from ModCloth: $8.99 (Marked down from $14.99!)

You can give guests an east way to start their campfires by giving them these Constellation Match Boxes from HomArt via Amazon for $32.95.

And for guests out of town you can't beat these beautiful Under the Stars Constellation Luggage Tags from Kate Aspen via Amazon for $7.15 or less if you buy 50 or more.

Seven more great night sky themed favors for under $30 are featured below.

Calm Wedding Jitters & Energize w/These D.I.Y. Peppermint Spa Treatments

I've always loved mint, and there's no argument that the smell is simply energizing. Even better is the fact that peppermint oil will help your skin feel cool during the summer!

The scent has is said to help with nausea, headaches, and respiratory disorders which should certainly help with any wedding jitters. And no surprise, mint is also incredibly good for your skin, especially if you're prone acne, as it has antiseptic properties.

Read more to find 10+ great peppermint  D.I.Y. spa treatments - guaranteed to refresh you & your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

This post was originally written in 2012 & extensively updated in 2017. Many of the links were broken, & over 10 new homemade spa recipes have been added.