February 16, 2018

15 Great Places to Camp On The Beach in the U.S.A.

And with spring almost here it feels like summer camping trips are just around the corner, so we've put together a great list of 15 places you can camp on the beach in the U.S.A.

I've always wanted to camp on a beach. And I know there's going to be sand everywhere, but I'll get to hear the waves crashing as I fall asleep.

And as some of these sites have cabin, and I can certainly rent an R.V., I may end up honeymoon glamping at one of these sites in the next few years.

Before you head out, make sure you're prepared. Be aware of where it's safe to camp when it comes to tides & waves. Do your research, check out the website of the campground, & speak to the rangers. Never go out in the water alone, know the tides, & if there's no lifeguard  bring a flotation device with you. And follow the rules of the site you're on.

February 10, 2018

5 Pairs of The Cutest Red Heels - Ever, & All Under $60

What goes perfect with a little black dress? Red heels, of course.

And so we've found the cutest red heels - ever - & posted them all below for you to explore.

February 04, 2018

Sunday Spa Day: Copycat Ocean Face & Body Scrub Recipe

Welcome to Sunday Spa Day, where on the first Sunday of every month we're going to be sharing one of our favorite D.I.Y. beauty recipes with our readers.

This month's recipe is a D.I.Y. Copycat of LUSH Ocean Face & Body Scrub, a recipe that both smells & tastes amazing. We love their amazing products, & we are associated with them in no way.

Fucus Vesiculosus is a type of seaweed used or it's ability to stimulate collagen production.

Avocado butter  extremely rich in Oleic Acid, a wonderful moisturizing and regenerating fatty acid, that is naturally found in human sebum (oil), & studies have found that the oil can mobilize and increase collagen in connective tissue.

February 03, 2018

3 Awesome Real Star Wars Inspired Weddings & Tons of Inspiration

After I made that post about Star Wars Valentine's gifts I've gotten a little excited, & put together this awesome post about real weddings with a little, or a lot, of inspiration from Star Wars.

Topping the list is the wedding of Jennifer & Joshua, who tied the knot at loftSeven in Los Angeles. Storm Troopers escorted the bride & groom to the wedding, & the cake had Wampa and Tauntaun toppers - just a few of the details that made their ceremony amazing. Visit Green Wedding Shoes to read more & see even more amazing photo's of the event.

Keep reading for details on two more great real weddings with tons Star Wars touches, & even more photo inspiration!

January 24, 2018

20 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lady Star Wars Lover

As lovers of both Star Wars, and love, we have put together this awesome list of Valentine's Day gifts for your enjoyment.

And after days of scouring the internet, we've found perfect gifts like classy BB8 Wallets & even an incredible Star Wars leather jacket, all in prices ranging from $16 to $170.

And of course we also found the most awesome card & most amazing bag to accompany your great gift.

Keep reading to find the perfect gift for your nerdy valentine.

January 17, 2018

20 Gourmet Strawberry Dessert & Drink Recipes, Perfect for Summer Weddings

I can't help but think of summer, & how wonderful everything will be again once winter is over. And the strawberry shortcake I just had got me thinking about how wonderful strawberry desserts would be at a summer wedding, and how inexpensive they'd be in June when they're in season.

If you want to have a fun gathering with the bridal party go to a pick your own strawberry farm & snack while you gather what you need.

Read more for 20 gourmet strawberry dessert & drink recipes.

Strawberry–Graham Galette |  Bon Appétit

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10 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

Most classy people, like myself, love a glass of wine now & then. And with Valentines Day coming up we couldn't help but think about what we'd like to get as a gift.

So keep reading to see a collection of the best Valentine's Day gifts you can get for the wine lover in your life.